Adrenal Fatigue Can Leave You Tired and Cranky

Adrenal fatigue can leave you exhausted, irritable and unhappy. And if you feel this way, it’s not just from the holidays, although they can add to the problem. Another issue with adrenal fatigue is the symptoms mimic other health problems women face as they get older such as menopause.

To help you understand this complicated issue, Anna Rushton will explain what it is, what causes it and how to correct it.

She will also explain why the problem is that it is difficult to diagnose, rather like thyroid you will only register if a test shows you to have levels in the highest or lowest 2 per cent that you’ll be deemed ‘abnormal’.

Signs you have adrenal fatigue


This article by Dr. Danielle Lang shares how important proper thyroid function is for fertility and your ability to conceive and carry a baby full term.

However, I do disagree with her ranges for proper thyroid function. She states that a TSH above 5-10 mIU/L, denotes normal thyroid function. But then she on to state that your TSH should be under 2.5 mIU/L if you are trying to conceive.

So, why wouldn’t you want everyone’s TSH levels under 2.5 mIU/L, since that benchmark is linked to optimal reproductive health. Why wouldn’t the same benchmark mean optimal health for anyone. All I know is that if my TSH levels were anywhere near 10 mIU/L, lives would be in danger!

Her article does have very good information on infertility and the importance of a proper functioning thyroid.

Thyroid disease linked to infertility


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