The EPA and FDA's Chance to Protect Our Children's Brains

The EPA and FDA have a chance to step up and do what is right to protect our children from brain damage. This change would also have a positive effect on adults. Here what they are debating: if they should limit our exposure to perchlorate even though they have evidence it is damaging to our thyroid health.

All Americans who have been tested have perchlorate in their bodies. Perchlorate threatens fetal and child brain development by impairing the thyroid’s ability to transport iodine in the diet into the gland to make a thyroid hormone, known as T4, that is essential to brain development. Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are scheduled to make decisions in 2017 that could significantly reduce exposure to this hazardous chemical

If you don’t know anything about the dangerous chemical, here is some information I found on how it is used.

The ammonium salt of the perchlorate ion has been manufactured in the military defense and aerospace industries primarily for use as an oxidizer in solid propellant systems for rockets and missiles. Other manufactured uses include fireworks, matches, and limited applications in pharmaceutics, laboratory analysis, leather tanning, fabric dyeing, and electroplating. In addition, small amounts of perchlorate can form naturally in the atmosphere (Dasgupta et al., 2006) and accumulate in nitrate-rich mineral deposits mined for use in fertilizers (Urbansky, 2002).

Perchlorate was added to the EPA’s Contaminant Candidate List (CCL) for drinking water in 1998 following discoveries of its presence in drinking water supplies throughout the southwestern United States (U.S.EPA, 1998). Perchlorate has been characterized as a mobile and persistent ground and surface water contaminant. Drinking water, milk, and certain plants with high water content (e.g., lettuce) can be the main sources of intake for humans (FDA, 2007).

The EPA and FDA Perchlorate Regulations


I thought this was interesting! How many have discovered they have thyroid disease by their tongue!


Your Tongue Tells This about Your Thyroid

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