Thyroid Testing; Using the Wrong Benchmarks
Today we are talking about thyroid testing. We all know how most conventional doctors will just test TSH levels.
And when the results come back within an acceptable range they proclaim you are fine, despite the fact that you are suffering with several symptoms. Then the go into a lecture about how your TSH is fine, so something else must be wrong or it’s all in your head.
But, part of the problem is the fact that those TSH ranges are based on a benchmark of sick people. So, they are basing your health on the markers of someone already ill. Seriously!!!
Plus, there are tips on improving your thyroid health.
You can read the full report below:
Also, this week I found a story about thyroid testing that is great news.

Dr Daryl Turner has developed a method to test thyroid function. It has been documented“research shows that 80% of the population has some level of thyroid dysfunction.” The Thyroflex tests thyroid function with a non-invasive procedure, with results within 5-10 minutes. The Thyroflex is 98.5% accurate (as opposed to the 18% of a TSH blood test) and is FDA certified.

The Thyroflex is an instrument used to test if your thyroid function is under or overactive or within optimal range by measuring the speed of your brachiradialis reflex in your forearm. The Thyroflex provides information about what’s happening inside your cells, rather than what’s happening outside your cells (in your blood). With the Thyroflex you get to find out how the body is utilizing its thyroid hormone.

This sounds pretty awesome!

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