Zonulin: Does This Cause Leaky Gut

Zonulin is a protein linked to leaky gut. But, do you know anything about protein? This interview is with Dr. Alessio Fasano, who explains how this protein can upset your intestines and your immune system. His research on this topic is encouraging to those who suffer from either of these conditions. He also explains how your thyroid is included in this disease as it progresses.

In his interview with Hypothyroid Mom, he shares what he learned about this protein and how it is connected with celiac disease and a leaky gut:

We ended up discovering almost 15 years ago, a molecule, this zonulin, that this toxin was mimicking, that that’s what was making intestines leak. And in trying to figure out the conditions in which zonulin doesn’t work the way they’re supposed to, celiac disease came on the top. So the two worlds, the infection diseases and celiac disease, met at that point. And again, that’s how my interest in celiac disease now is a model of immunity. And got the mobility, and so on and so forth, it really materialized.

Here is the full interview:

zonulin, leaky gut, gluten, autoimmune disease & thyroid: this pioneering researcher tells all

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