Hashimoto's Disease

Hashimoto’s Disease is the most diagnosed thyroid disease in America. However, getting diagnosed and treated for thyroid disease can be a very frustrating experience.

This is one woman’s story about the challenges she faced trying to get her thyroid disease treated.  Her problems with limited testing and finding a doctor who would treat properly her took years. She finally ordered a battery of thyroid tests herself which showed her to be hypothyroid. Her relief from finally having an answer to her health problems was overwhelming.

Her next year was spent tweaking her medication dosage. She quickly discovered that treating thyroid disease wasn’t as simple as popping a pill, like many doctors will try to convince you it is. There are many factors to poor thyroid function and each person needs to be treated individually.

Here is her story:

My Thyroid Story


Here is another story on how to manage your Hashimoto’s disease.

The plan is laid out in 10 steps.

The first step recommended is to remove gluten from your diet.

The second step is to manage stress which in turn will lower your cortisol levels. If stress management is not central to treatment this hormone will have a negative impact on the thyroid especially if it is under an autoimmune attack. Cortisol spikes at night and may cause night hunger. A high protein snack before bed can help.

Here are the next 7 steps to manage your Hashimoto’s:

Managing Hashimoto’s in Ten Steps



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