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Thyroid Gland Removal

Thyroid gland removal also know as a thyroidectomy has been on the rise lately. This increase in thyroid gland removal surgery has been raising questions about the pros and cons of this procedure. Improvements in testing equipment has lead to a rise in diagnosis of  possible thyroid cancers.

But is this really a good thing?

Suppose you went to a doctor for low energy and a raspy throat. You vaguely suspect your thyroid is weak, maybe hypothyroidism. But after a series of tests, tiny nodules were found on your throat and the doctor determined you needed to have your thyroid removed, a thyroidectomy, to determine whether or not the nodules are cancerous.

Then you are told not to worry, there are medicines that will be prescribed to replace the missing thyroid’s hormone production. You would have to take them for the rest of your life. You figure anything is better than dying from cancer spreading from the thyroid to elsewhere or undergoing chemotherapy, so you go for it. Nipping it in the bud, they say.

Then after the procedure, you discover that those nodules weren’t cancerous and there was no threat of cancer. You’ll have to take those synthetic pharmaceutical drugs forever, but at least you know you’re cancer free now.

After several months of taking those drugs, you discover your complaints and symptoms prior to the surgical procedure have been worsening.

This unfortunate medical procedure is harming people far too often, leading some doctors to declare it needs to stop.

I posted about the problems with thyroid medications here:

Thyroid Medications: Is One Better Than Another?


This article also includes videos from two well know thyroid doctors.

The first video is from Dr. Mercola who discusses avoiding a thyroidectomy and the problems with replacement hormones.

The second video is from Dr. Brownstein on iodine supplementation.

Thyroid Cancer Questions 


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