Caring For Your Thyroid

Caring for your thyroid can be exhausting! Do I take thyroid hormone, do I try to heal it myself, can I fix it myself?  If I go to a doctor, how do I know if the doctor will base my treatment on just my blood work or will they take my symptoms into consideration? What are my options for hormone replacement? Do I even have options?

The doctor you see will also determine the care you receive. Do you choose a endocrinologist, a family doctor, or a functional medicine M.D.?

To answer all these questions plus many others, I have a podcast with Elle Russ. She is pitching her new thyroid book, but the podcast covers a lot of valuable information. She talks what to look for in a doctor at the 25:53 minute. She has some great information on that subject. The total show is about 35 mins.

Here is a description of the show and I completely agree with her statements about caring for your thyroid and her view on doctors:

Here is Elle Russ on the show to take you through exactly what you need to do in order to make sure that you are taking care of your thyroid, and how to deal with it if you have already developed thyroid issues.

But be careful! Many doctors are not educated enough to understand what is going on with your thyroid, so we carefully outline some of the questions you need to ask them to make sure that they have a deep enough understanding of the issues to effectively take care of you.

This is an extremely important topic, so listen up and take notes! Whether this is an issues for you at the moment or not, this is a topic that you must be aware of, and that you actively need to be taking steps today to protect.


209: Fit, Focused, and Full of Life! How Your Thyroid Could Be Holding You Back, with Elle Russ

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