TSH and T4-How They Interact

TSH and T4  interactions are being explored a new study reports. The new study published in the Journal of Thyroid Research explores the difference between the theory of T4 (thyroxine) and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) interactions and the actual data found in populations. 

This matters because so many doctors determine everything they do on lab results and the most common lab tests, by far, that are ordered are TSH and T4.

And what this study tells us is that this is not always the best way to practice because everyone is not the same and everyone does not respond the same way to T4 only treatment.

Many doctors, somehow, are ignorant of this fact and instead of truly understanding what is happening physiologically, blame the patient for having symptoms when their lab tests say that they should be fine. How many many of us have experienced this?

Thyroid In The News: New Study Points Out the Variability of TSH and T4 Data


This is an interesting article about drinking either hot or cold water. It explains the benefits of each. I guess I never thought about the temperature the water I drink is or it’s benefits. Who knew?



Low thyroid functioning is often blamed for weight gain.Your thyroid gland, a butterfly-shape organ in the front of your neck, makes hormones that control metabolism, weight, breathing, heart rate and many other functions.

But now new research is questioning whether the link could go the other way, according to Cari Kitahara, PhD, MHS, an epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute. Some investigations suggest that the excess weight may be slowing down the thyroid, instead of a slow thyroid making it easy to pack on the pounds. Dr. Kitahara presented her findings on obesity, thyroid function and weight at the 86th annual meeting of the American Thyroid Association in Denver Sept. 24.1

Here is the report:


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