Odd Symptoms

Odd symptoms: have you ever had a change in your fingernails or hair but you have no idea why? Or, maybe you noticed a rash or you break into a cold sweat out of the blue. So, what is going on here? More importantly, what is going on with your health?

It turns out that small, seemingly unimportant symptoms could actually be signs of more serious health problems.

Here are thirteen symptoms to be aware of:



Another part of the body that will tell you that you may have a serious disease is your fingernails. The story above has two examples , however, the following story has additional fingernail issues to be aware of.

Generally when we have fever or certain fungal infection, there could be some changes in the texture of your nail but certain changes in the nails could also be an indication of serious health issues related to the heart, thyroid, liver, lungs, immunity and anaemia.

Hence, these changes in the nail should not be ignored. It is essential to get it checked and take up the necessary medical intervention before it gets too late.

Here’s what to look for; You have to scroll down to see the story:





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