Thyroid Function- Developmental Disorders

Thyroid function plays a major role in your health but also has a huge impact on developmental disorders in our children.  One doctor, Dr. Raphael Kellman, believes that thyroid disease like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism –whose main cause he believes is due to endocrine disruptors and frequently it eludes routine blood testing.

Dr. Raphael Kellman, MD, and founder of The Kellman Center for Integrative & Functional Medicine, discusses what parents should know about thyroid function in children, what women should know about low thyroid function and type 2 diabetes, and how the microbiome affects thyroid function. The link below has both audio and script of the discussion.

A low thyroid plays a very, very big role in various points of developmental disorders. Whether it’s autism, ASD, PDD, so many, so many disorders and many unexplained delays and seemingly developmental challenges occur sometimes without clear diagnosis. In seizure disorders in children and of course in adults as well and low thyroid plays a very, very important role in speech delay as well and the research shows that children with spectrum if there’s speech delay, if there’s hypotonia, if there’s gut issues they’re much more likely to have a low thyroid and that’s with routine testing. The problem with routine testing is multifold, number one the reference range is very controversial what is the… pituitary, what is really the value, the range? These researches show that TSH may be from .8 – 2.5 or 3. The range is controversial plus research shows that the TSH can vary in any given day by 40%.

I think this is a great article. If we could get more doctors to open their minds to additional testing for thyroid disease (we all know TSH only testing does not even come close to adequate when treating thyroid disease.) Just think of how this research could help in reducing childhood disorders that seem to be increasing at an alarming rate.

Here’s the link to the interview:


Thyroid Function in Children and Women [Interview][Transcript]

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