Dr. Drew and Hillary’s Health Review:The Backlash

Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew claimed on his radio show that Hillary Clinton’s health is of “grave concern.” However, several people are not impressed with his claims. As a result of these comments, we hopefully will not be subjected to his unprofessional views of healthcare any longer due to this news:

Dr. Drew Pinsky is checking out, with CNN announcing that his HLN show Dr. Drew On Call will air its final episode on September 22, a little over five years after it first premiered on the network.

The sudden cancellation of the current affairs program comes just eight days after Pinsky made a number of controversial claims about Hillary Clinton’s health while appearing on a radio show, including that she was suffering from brain damage.

Pinsky, 57, also stated that he and another physician were ‘gravely concerned’ about the ‘health’ and ‘health care’ of Clinton.

These conclusions were not reached after an extensive review of Clinton’s medical records or following a conversation with an individual who has treated the Democratic nominee for president, but rather after Pinsky read an eight-paragraph letter that was written by Clinton’s doctor of 15 years.

That letter, which was publicly released last July, states that Clinton is ‘in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as President of the United States.’

As far as I’m concerned, all Dr. Drew is doing is creating more problems for anyone who has had any of the health conditions addressed in the originial story, but especially for thyroid disease patients who, as a general rule, have a very difficult time getting a prescription for Armour Thyroid in the first place. I know all the conventional doctors I have seen just hate that I take Armour Thyroid. I am looked at in total disbelief by most healthcare professionals when I state that “I feel so much better on Armour.” By the way, these are the same healthcare providers who will only test TSH. Why is that? Don’t they run more than one test when diagnosing other diseases?   O.K., I am now done with my rant. The following article is an update on Dr. Drew’s career.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3759132/Dr-Drew-Call-end-5-year-run-HLN-month.html#ixzz4IXeq7v7e
After my rant above I found this article. It’s by Mary Shoman, a thyroid patient advocate who can correct the misinformation being shared concerning Armour Thyroid.



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