Hillary Clinton’s Thyroid Medication Concerns

Hillary Clinton’s Thyroid Medication Concerns were in the news this last week. Several different websites ran articles talking about Hillary Clinton’s healthcare. All of these articles are based on comments by Dr. Drew Pinsky, who is criticizing the medications she is taking calling them unconventional. Dr. Pinsky is doing all patients a disservice by questioning their treatments and adding fuel to the fire for those who suffer from thyroid disease by discrediting Armour Thyroid. If you are one of the millions who are taking levothyroxine because your doctor refuses to prescribe Armour Thyroid, this article puts a spotlight on the problem: Doctors who prescribe medication based on what they are told is best, not the medication that benefits the patient the most.

A 2013 study reported onin the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism conducted at the National Institutes of  Health and Walter Reed Medical Center, found that natural thyroid was a safe and effective alternative to levothyroxine, and almost half the patients studied preferred the natural thyroid.

Coumadin is the other medication that Dr. Pinsky is discrediting. Again, millions of patients are taking this medication due to this simple fact: this medication is the best option for their condition based on sympton management, not whether or not it’s an old treatment. By the way, most of  us realize the pharmaceutical companies are driving these views of medications by our doctors.

This first review of Dr. Pinsky’s comments is by Mary Shomon, a thyroid patient advocate who questions Dr. Pinsky and his grave concerns about Hillary’s healthcare and points out the possible political connection.



This story does the fact checking and has found the report Dr. Pinsky is commenting on to be false.



This story mentions how Hillary is prone to exhaustion, taking 3 days off. O.K., those of us who have hypothyroidism, know how exhaustion can affect us. I can’t even imagine how tiring a campaign can be.



I do want to make it perfectly clear, I am not supporting Hillary, I am just so tired of doctors and pharmacists telling me which medication I should be taking with no absolutely no concern of the effectiveness of that medication.

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