PFOA is a cancer causing chemical at extremely high levels in the northeast. Bennington and North Bennington residents who were tested for a cancer-causing chemical had, on average, five times the normal amount in their systems, according to new lab results.

The Vermont Health Department tested 477 adults and children for PFOA at eight blood test clinics in April, May and June. The group had PFOA levels between 0.3 and 1,125.6 micrograms per liter. The normal level for the average American is 2.1 micrograms per liter. The average level for the tested group was 10 micrograms per liter, five times the normal amount.

Vermont Health Commissioner Harry Chen said the results were not unexpected.

Chen said exposure can lead to health defects like thyroid disease and some cancers. But there’s no way to know how people may be affected.

“There’s nothing that has to be done.  Nor do we know with any certainty that there will be health defects based on their levels,” Chen said.

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I have a sample meal plan from nutritionist Priya Kathpal to deal with hypothyroidism. I have read through her suggestions and  I am not really sure about them. She promotes soy as a good souce of protein and a couple of items I have not heard of.

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This story is from India but the message is true for all of us.

Thyroid problems are common and the incidence of it is on the rise. Many people have no obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism but show marked abnormalities in their blood test. Thyroid problems cause abnormal metabolism, body swelling, hair loss, recurrent abortions, memory problems, heart rhythm problems and osteoporosis. A TSH test must be included in a routine health check-up.

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