Yoga Eases Thyroid Issues

Yoga Eases Thyroid Issues

Yoga eases thyroid issues like brain fog, lack of energy, and trouble with concentration. What a daily yoga and meditation practice does is rev up your immune system, your digestion, and your metabolism so you can finally feel better and lose weight.

The thyroid is a tricky gland. Luckily, yogi and thyroid-healing master Fern Olivia will give us some tips on how to naturally take care of your thyroid and get rid of these pesky symptoms for good.

When you have a thyroid condition, your body is out of balance. Clearly your thyroid gland is the master control center in your body. So if you’re not feeling energized or able to function throughout your day or you have this nagging belly bloat or weight that just won’t go away, there’s a lot you can do.

It’s really simple: In the morning, you just have to go to your yoga mat and do your breathing exercises and some poses. It really helps to flush out the toxins and the stagnant energy in your body.

Fern also has a couple additional tips to help you  increase your thyroid function.

You can read her advice here:


For fun, try this yoga pose!

Since we have been taking about yoga poses and how beneficial they are, here is a pose that will also help with your thyroid function. However, I am not sure I could do it! Here is the description:

Shoulderstand, known as Salamba Sarvangasana in Sanskrit, is one of the main four yoga inversions known in Hatha yoga. It is known as the “queen” of the yoga postures, offering numerous health benefits that balance the body and the mind. But this valuable pose has largely been forgotten in a yoga culture where social media is riddled with images of fancy handstands and headstands.

Read the 6 benefits of the “queen” of yoga postures, however I am not responsible for any injuries that happen trying to achive this pose.

6 Reasons to Practice This Forgotten Yoga Inversion Everyday

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