Thyroid Disease Triggers

Thyroid disease triggers are everywhere and many times we are not even aware of the dangerous toxins we are exposed to. The problem is that these toxins enter our bodies by either being swallowed or breathed in and there is no way to lower the levels of theses toxins in our blood.

One of these is the substance, PFOA, which is found throughout the home, and an ingredient in non-stick cookware has previously been branded potentially carcinogenic.

Now it has been further called into question by research which shows that those with higher levels in the blood have higher rates of thyroid disease.

Researcher David Melzer, a professor of epidemiology and public health, said: ‘There have long been suspicions that PFOA concentrations might be linked to changes in thyroid hormone levels.

‘Our analysis shows that in the “ordinary” adult population there is a solid statistical link between higher concentrations of PFOA in blood and thyroid disease.’

You can read the full report on thyroid disease triggers here:

Non-stick pan chemical is linked to thyroid disease

I know many women have breast implants and go through life with no problems. However, there are some who cannot tolerate the toxins that are released into our bodies and as a result they are slowly poisoned from their implants. One woman who has suffered a number of unexplained health complaints over the last few years and they gradually got so bad, she was left bedridden and plunged into despair.  Crystal Hefner who is married to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner suffered from poisoning from her breast implants for years. Since having them removed she is on the road to recovery.

She shares her experience here:


I added this story because it explains the many problems thyroid disorders can cause in your body.

There is also a list of questions your doctor may ask when checking for thyroid disease. These can help you determine if you may have a thyroid problem.

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