Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease can be difficult to diagnose. The problems started in the 70s, when doctors were taught in medical school that the industry standard TSH thyroid hormone test was a great way to detect thyroid problems. They learned what the “normal” range was for the TSH and based their diagnosis on that one reading alone. This procedure is followed to this day by most doctors.

Your doctor will run a TSH test, anounce that your hormone levels are in the “normal” range, leaving many to suffer needlessly. Or if they do see a problem, then they go ahead to prescribe Synthroid or the generic version of the T4 only thyroid hormone. They will then send you on your way, declaring you are all set. This is regardless of whether or not your symptoms have been relieved. The problem is that easing the symptoms of thyroid disease is rarely that easy.

Here are a few more lies you are likely to hear:


What Your Fingernails Tell You About Your Health

One of the signs of thyroid disease is brittle and flakey fingernails. But did you know that there are several other tell tale signs your nails can give you. Their shape, texture, or colour can reveal more about your health than you think – you just have to pay attention.

Be sure to take note of the health problems your nails can reveal:

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