Blood Tests for those 50 Plus

Blood Tests

Blood tests are part of our health checkup. Doctors will ask you to undergo a number of tests on a regular basis after a certain age. Let us focus on the five most important blood tests that you should undergo after you turn fifty. Of those 5 tests referred to, I personally never have had a doctor recommend having a Hepatitis C screening.

I also found it interesting that testing for hypothyroidism was first on the list, followed by the Hep C. then the Lipid Profile Panel. I like this comment also: Depending on the level of cholesterol, doctors provide medication and diet charts. Regular exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is a must. Many doctors do not understand that if you are hypothyroid, more than likely, you have will have high cholesterol. Every doctor I have seen since becoming hypothyroid, does not think that the two are related. They make it very clear they think I am crazy! Some days they may be right!

The last test they talk about is for sexually transmitted diseases or infections. They recommend everyone be checked snd since they mention the test should not be avoided, I would assume that many test positive. Of course, treating the infection includes completing the prescribed medication.

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Blood Tests for Those 50+

A good thing to know when you are getting those tests, specificatly the thyroid test is the difference between Primary and Secondary Hypothyroidism. Why does this matter? Primary hypothyroidism is treated with thyroid hormone replacement. In secondary hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland functions well, but the pituitary gland doesn’t stimulate the thyroid to produce more hormones. Secondary hypothyroidism often affects other areas of the body because the thyroid gland itself is not the problem.

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Primary Vs Secondary Hypothyroidism

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