Pesticides are part of our world today. They are used on just about all the food we eat. The consumption of pesticides can be harmful and can cause a thyroid problem, as quoted by doctors at Endocrine Society of Bengal (ESB) that the exposure to pesticides could act as endocrine disruptors hence leading to Thyroid problems. In today’s world there is nothing that is not utilized with the pesticides in order to keep the organic or non-organic food for longer period. The pesticides are used for the sake of killing the insects and to keep the food fresh for intake. Consuming chemicals can be a high risk to our health and a huge role in thyroid problems.

The farmers spray artificial pesticides in the crops in order to kill the weeds and insects to grow the crops with healthy fruits. The plants absorb the pesticides as they grow and it lingers on the skin even after washing the fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sujoy Ghosh from SSKM Hospital is a part of the study with thyroid related ailments said that, “We also need to find out if other endocrine disruptors trigger imbalance in the hormone, as it is well known that Iodine deficiency and auto immune conditions cause to thyroid problems, we hope this study will throw some light on this”.

The fact that researchers are looking into how endocrine disruptors are affecting our health is encouraging. Many who suffer with diseases that are caused by environmental toxins and dangerous additives to our food are cheering these studies. This will help to bring to light the problems that these life-changing ailments bring to our everyday life, despite the fact that governments and the FDA say they don’t cause us any harm. There are many  people with life-altering diseases who disagree.

Here is the full report:

Is Pesticides consumption harmful to Thyroid?


For many of us who can’t do strenuous exercise due to thyroid disease, here is an alternative:

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