TSH levels are used to determine thyroid function. This test is considered the “gold” standard test for diagnosing thyroid disease. The problem I have run into with my healthcare professionals is this: The only test they will run is TSH. Then the only treatment option offered is a synthentic T4 hormone. Regardless of the cause of the high TSH, their only answer is a synthentic T4. Several studies have shown that at least 20% of those with thyroid disease have lost the ability to convert T4 to the useable T3. Most will have better symptom control when taking a combination of T4 and T3 thyroid hormones. But, most doctors will only run the TSH test and will only prescribe a synthentic T4. So, when WebMD states ” a medical professional will work to find the cause and decide if treatment is needed,” many of us know that just isn’t the case.

What High TSH Levels Mean


We mainly talk about thyroid homones but there are several hormones that can make you gain weight when they are out of balance:

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