Are Missed Periods Due to Your Thyroid

Missed Periods

Missed periods may seem like a great thing to have happen but, the truth is you are either pregnant or “or something else is amiss.”  Thyroid imbalance will have an impact on your menstrual cycle as well as interactions with other organ systems that maintain normal body functions.  Since, your thyroid controls all your body functions, too high or too low thyroid hormone levels will likely cause health issues. Keep in mind that menopause, your activity level and your weight are some of the factors that will affect your period.

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Why A Missed Period Matters


Since thyroid hormones are crucial for fetal development, and abnormal thyroid function in pregnancy may severely increase the risk for fetal loss and other pregnancy complications, researchers are looking at new reference ranges for TSH testing during the first trimester.

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1st Trimester TSH Levels




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