Is Your Thyroid Treatment Working?

Thyroid Treatment

How’s your thyroid treatment working? Do you feel like “something is just not right?” Are you still suffering from fatigue, weight gain and brain fog?   For many with thyroid disease, their treatment is less than optimal. If you are diagnosed with thyroid disease, the majority of doctors will give you a prescription for a synthetic T4 thyroid hormone and send you on your way. Your treatment is now complete!

However, what if that synthetic T4 doesn’t convert to the useable T3 in your body? And your symptoms return?

Here’s a short 5 minute video that explains why you don’t feel well. And, no it’s not in your head!



Here are 5 myths that most healthcare providers believe and #1 is not going happen. I don’t believe it and I know I can feel better. Besides, I’m way to stubborn to give up and suffer.



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