Epidemic No One Talks About

The epidemic no one talks about is diminished or faulty hormone production. If you’re a woman and you go to your doctor and tell him you have fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, loss of libido, or unexplained hair loss, more often than not he is going to tell you it’s normal aging. He might even give you an antidepressant, but it won’t help.

The problem is with your thyroid, however, most doctors will miss this, blaming your symptoms on “just getting older”. When a thyroid problem is diagnosed, your doctor will give you a prescription for synthetic hormones, which will slow your thyroid even more. No wonder we’re crabby!

Here’s a few tips to help your supressed thyroid:


The Hidden Epidemic


If you have low thyroid hormone production, it could very well be due to this:

The Poison in our Food

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  1. Avatar Dave on May 27, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Yes totally agree with you here. We no longer get enough nutrients from our daily diet, for the most part at least. It’s hard to believe that even the water we drink can have an effect on our thyroid. With so many different additives in both our food and water, not to mention pesticides used in the produce we consume, it’s no wonder our diets are lacking the goodness we need to function properly on a daily basis.

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