Your thyroid controls many functions in your body, and when it’s working correctly, we barely even notice it, but when it starts to malfunction, the symptoms are varied and hard to ignore. It always amazes me how your thyroid can totally mess up everything in your body, leaving you an overweight, depressed, confused shell of who you used to be.

The good news is you help your thyroid work better, you just have to give it some support.

Here are 9 signs of thyroid disease to watch for:

9 Ways Your Thyroid Messes With You


If you suffer from Hashimoto’s, here is a 3 part healing process:

3-Prong Healing Strategy for Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease

I love this, I can’t see ever doing #2 or #3 but the other poses have possiblity.

Yoga for a Heathy Thyroid

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