Thyroid Medication

Thyroid medication is in the news but you would not expect the news to be connected to the political campaign. I had read an article online by Dr. Drew about a month ago criticizing Hillary’s doctor for having her on an obsolete thyroid medication instead of the more modern medication Synthroid. When I ran across this story, I wondered why Dr. Drew didn’t look into why Hillary was taking Armour Thyroid and not Synthroid, like the doctor in this article did. It seems this doctor, Dr. John Agnew, (yes, he is retired, so, he does have more time to do research. However, it takes maybe, a minute to find this evidence) did some research and found that despite apparent settling of the issue, new and legitimate studies are being reported with findings that patients simply do better, subjectively and objectively, with the old desiccated porcine thyroid hormone. Here is my question: Why do so many doctors just assume that you will feel great when you take Synthroid? Why do they assume this medicine works for everyone? If you have cancer or high blood pressure or chronic pain, etc., doesn’t your doctor suggest trying different medications to ease your symptoms if the current medication you are taking doesn’t seem to be effective? So, why, then is thyroid medication any different? Why are we instantly viewed as crazy because we “claim” Synthroid doesn’t work? Here’s my response to Dr. Drew and all other physicians who treat women with thyroid disorders: please stop the belittling, criticizing, the ” I am God” attitudes, and the “I can’t believe your symptoms arn’t gone, you’re taking Synthroid and the pharmacutical salesman said it works the best”. Do some research, doc! Your pharmacutical rep is wrong! And we deserve better care!

You can read the fulll story here:



Now that I had my rant about doctors and drug companies, we could all use a little humor; the cell phone cartoon fits me perfectly:

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