Nutrients are important for your thyroid, but do you know which ones will benefit you the most. If you are trying to improve your thyroid function, you most likely have looked at adding supplements to your diet. And that is where the confusion begins. Dietary supplement quality is questioned by  traditional doctors for being unreliable or even dangerous. Natural health practioners state that if you have a thryoid condition, you need extra vitamins and mimerals to help your thyroid work better. So, what do you do? My advice is to find a doctor who will test for these dificiencies and then advise you on the best way to improve those nutrient levels that are low.

Here are the six most important nutirents for your thyroid:


Many people I talk to use spices when cooking, but question which ones are best for thyroid health. Here are 7 you should consider:


One of the most talked about nutirents is idoine. Should you take it, should you avoid it. Here is Dr. Davis’ advice:



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