Chronic Pain-Hypothyroidism

Chronic pain is extremely difficult to live with but were you aware that hypothyroidism could be the cause? Chronic pain in the setting of untreated Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease usually points to tissue level hypothyroidism. I had heard about the issue of thyroid resistance but didn’t know it is also known as tissue level hypothyroidism. This thyroid condition is also one of the most commonly missed. This is a example of  why the standard TSH only testing leaves many people with poorly managed symptoms and suffering needlessly. I also know that getting a doctor to run more that a TSH test can be like pulling teeth, not to mention, the reluctance of doctors to prescribe any type of T3 hormone. They believe the T4 hormone is all we need because of our bodies’ ability to convert the hormone. The fact that some of us have lost that conversion capability seems to have been left out of the puzzle.  Here is the full story:

The Connection Between Your Thyroid and Chronic Pain That Doctors Miss Every Time

Here is an article focused on the importance of vitamin D to your thyroid health:

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