Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals are in our water, we just don’t know how much. The truth is that our water is probably more toxic than we have ever believed. First we have Flint, Michigan and now Hoosick, New York in the center of a public health emergency.  The problem is that these states don’t consider this toxic chemical “an immediate health hazard.” Also, the EPA issued a warning about the water last fall with the state finally pledging 10 million to install new water filtration systems in February. But, what about the health problems that this toxic water it creating in our bodies? The news is full of stories of children suffering from lead poisoning,  women having miscarriages, and whole communities with “trails of cancer” they have to deal with. You can’t help but wonder how these toxins play into the rise in autism, ADD, ADHD and autoimmune diseases. You can read the full story below:


Since we are on the subject of our water, here is an article on how fluoride is creating hypothyroidism, lowering IQ’s, and increasing our risk of bone cancer. One answer is adding GABA to the water to counteract the toxicity of the fluoride. You can read more here:


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