Normal Thyroid Lab Tests

Normal thyroid lab tests. Do they even exist? And who’s normal are we going by? Who do you listen to? Who do you believe? How can they say your lab tests are in the normal range when you feel so terrible? If you are suffering from thyroid disfunction, no doubt you have these questions. Why is it so difficult to get your doctor to test more than just your TSH? Why does your doctor look at you with disbelief when you explain your symptoms to them? (Your TSH is 4.8. It’s within the “normal” range so you shouldn’t have any symptoms. But, your cholesterol is too high so we need to look at adding a statin. I heard this from my doctor just last week.) This was after she had made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t like the fact I take Armour Thyroid because ALL thyroid patients take Synthroid. She is guilty of #5 on the list. You can read all 7 reasons below:





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