Blood Tests

Blood Tests. We all hate the thought of getting them done, but really, is it all that difficult? We know it’s not, so why do most of us put it off? Is it fear of the unknown? Are you afraid of what will be found? Do you want a diagnosis confirmed or is it just routine checkup? Do you put it off because you know your current doctor will turn a blind eye to your symptoms, tell you everything is normal and you will be left frustrated once again when you know something isn’t right? The article below even addresses the issue of extremely wide reference ranges (including TSH) that offer no value to the patient.

You can read the full story here:


This caught my eye for the information on TSH. This doctor explains that TSH levels fluctuate every few minutes so it is a very unreliable test. She also stated that they are researching adding T3 after surgery or nodules.  Finally!!!

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