ADD and ADHD are common conditions being diagnosed in our children and are rising at an alarming rate. So, why are these conditions on the rise? Some will say the increase is due to more females being tested but what if the problem with ADD and ADHD really starts with the thyroid? Many of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD can mimic thyroid symptoms making diagnosis difficult at best, then add in poor or improper thyroid testing and you can easily see why there can be mix ups getting the correct diagnosis. If you know a child who is struggling with either of these conditons, you might want to consider thyroid testing. You can read the full story below:


Also in the news, is talk about PFOA’s, which is a toxic chemical suspected of causing cancer. This toxin is found in most items in our homes and in our food supply and has dramatic effects on the thyroid gland.

Learn how to reduce your family’s exposure here:

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