Anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of autoimmune thyroid disease. If you have struggled with anxiety, you know how awful it is. You can go from a calm, level-headed person to a completely irrational, out of control crazy person. Most people don’t know anxiety symptoms are very common in people with thyroid disorders. Many doctors will prescribe anti-anxiety medications for you but they will have little or no effect on your symptoms because the anxiety is caused by the auto-immune thyroid disease. Here are 5 tips to help ease your anxiety:


Since we are trying improve our thyroid function, here are 5 foods that are good for your thyroid. The first one is coconut oil. I love coconut oil, it helps ease my brain fog, I have more energy, and I have lost some weight since I began adding to my diet.


Since I am on the subject of coconut oil, you can read some additional benefits of coconut oil here:




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