Pesticide Risk Subject of New Thyroid Study

Pesticide Study

Pesticide risks are the subject of a new European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) study. A new pilot study is looking at the cumulative risks from pesticides to the thyroid and nervous system. The study uses a new software program to carry out exposure assessments on multiple pesticides. The EFSA will publish a exposure assessments later this year and two scientific reports in 2017. Data is already being collected to define groups of pesticides that affect the liver, kidneys, eyes, and the reproductive and developmental systems.

We need these studies to ensure that the pesticides used should have no harmful effects on humans. Read the full story here:


With the new study going on concerning toxins harming our thyroids, it may be a good time to bring up the different thyroid tests that should be done. I know that many doctors refuse to do any testing other than the infamous TSH test, but if you are not feeling well, you have to speak up and demand your right to proper health care. (If your doctor refuses to do the additional tests, you may have to change doctors. I hear from many who have changed doctors and are now on their way back to health.)

Here’s what you need to know:

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