I went into menopause at 41. My doctor told me I was in early menopause. Hmmm, how bad can this be? No more periods. Sounds good to me!  That was until my doctor voiced concern about my increased risk of osteoporosis, how important it was that I quit smoking and to keep an eye on my weight. He started me on calcium supplements with Vitamin D3 and prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  I will say the HRT was very helpful in managing my menopause symptoms, but I developed blood clots in my lungs after taking the hormones for several years.

My doctor followed the same treatment plan as the following article describes. He didn’t mention that early menopause can be a side effect of another condition, such as an autoimmune disorder including diabetes or thyroid disease or a metabolic disorder. But he was the doctor that first noticed my symptoms of Graves’ Disease. He has since passed away so I can’t ask him if he knew about the connection. RIP Dr. George.

You can read the full article here:



Now, if you find out you may have a thyroid disorder, here is information you need to know that your doctor won’t tell you. Sad, but true!



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