Thyroid disease - infertility

Thyroid disease is on the rise and it’s creating problems in several areas of our lives. An area of growing concern has to do with thyroid disease causing infertility? If you can’t conceive or you have suffered miscarriages, the truth is that your thyroid may be playing an important role in your fertility. Thyroid hormone levels that are too low or too high can lead to irregular menstrual problems, which in turn can lead to other issues with infertility. Plus, add in the concern that low thyroid hormone in the mother can lead to health problems with the baby, having your thyroid checked early in your pregnancy is a must, even if you have no symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

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If you know someone who is having difficulty conceiving or suffering miscarriages, their thyroid may be causing the problems. Below is a link to an article on HypothyroidMom’s website about the issues with infertility, miscarriage and hypothyroidism. Please share this information, it’s too important not to.

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