Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is on the rise and with a nearly 98 percent five-year survival rate, it is often called the “good” cancer. This conclusion comes from a few thyroid cancer survivorship studies. The researchers have concluded that we all have an engrained fear of cancer, so the poor quality of life for thyroid cancer survivors is based on that fear. However, thyroid cancer survivors have a 30% chance of recurrence of any cancer, so they face a lifetime of cancer surveillance. Plus, my guess is that most of those cancer survivors are given Synthroid as a thyroid hormone replacement and we all know Synthroid does not ease hypothyroidism symptoms for some patients.

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Since, we are on the subject of thyroid cancer, most thyroid cancer is discovered because thyroid nodules are detected during a check up with your doctor or maybe due to a scan for another medical issue or even a dentist visit.

So, how do we get thyroid nodules?


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