It’s no surprise that sugar causes problems in our bodies. However, are you aware of all the problems that sugar can cause? For those with thyroid disease, the amount of blood sugar in our system has a major effect on how we function. Too little sugar and we can’t get off the couch, too much and we are at risk of diabetes, not to mention, the weight gain and inflammation that too much sugar can create.

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Here is a great article about your dominant gland: you are either adrenal or thyroid dominant. The writer states that thyroid dominant types are always looking for sugar, while the adrenal types prefer meat and potatoes. The problem is that both types end up with too much sugar in their bloodstream which can lead to insulin resistance.

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To help you narrow down which foods you should be avoiding if you have a thyroid disorder, here are the top 6 offenders. Oh, look, sugar is #1.

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