The problem of iodine deficiency has made a comeback, but Maine’s emerging seaweed aquaculture could be a solution. Iodine is a key element needed to produce thyroid hormones that control important physiological functions like metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature. It’s estimated that about 40 percent of the world’s population is at risk of developing iodine deficiency, and in the US pediatricians are concerned that many women of reproductive age are not getting enough iodine in their diets.

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You can read more history and information on iodine here:


Here is additional information on iodine, the recommended dietary amounts plus the belief that you can get enough iodine from using iodized salt. However, some professionals believe we are all iodine deficient due to the reduced usage of iodized salt at home and the fact that most processed foods use non-iodized salt during production:





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