Issue #299  April 20, 2015

Welcome to KnowYourThyroid.

Today, I have a great article by Mary Shomon. She addresses the issues that most thyroid patients face every doctor visit. I have personally dealt with 4 of the 5 points mentioned below. The frustration of having to deal with most doctors is exhausting, to say the least.

I am planning on taking a copy of this article to my doctor. #3 is my favorite, my doctor is always asking if I have trouble getting my Armour Thyroid prescription filled because Armour is limited in supply. Only once in 3 years have I had any problems, I just went to a different pharmacy. Plus, she will tell me how inxpensive Synthroid is compared to Armour. The fact that I feel better on Armour doesn’t even enter the conversation, I feel like I am talking to the wall. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, I talk to people everyday who have to deal with doctors and their “God Syndrome”. Their amazing belief they know what is best for you while ignoring every word that comes out of your mouth because you can’t possibly know more than they do and those symptoms you have, well, they are all in your head. So, just take this antideppressant and quit eating so much, we will check your labs in a year.




Doctors: This is How You Kill a Thyroid Patient