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Today, we are talking about hair loss. This is one of the symptoms of thyroid disease that women hate. Here are some of the causes of hair loss and what you can do to correct it.



How to Prevent Hair Loss in Thyroid

By Garima Satija

There are a lot of causes of hair loss and one of them is certain diseases. There are some of the diseases that unexpectedly cause hair loss. Thyroid is one of them. Thyroid is that one disease that spoils all the beauty of women. Weight fluctuations are still okay but loosing hair is the most dreadful thing that one can imagine of. Most of the people who suffer thyroid also suffer from Hair loss. It is one of the emotional consequences of thyroid that causes a lot of pain.

What causes Thyroid Hair Loss?

Primary cause of thyroid hair loss-

Hair Loss is a sign that thyroid harmones may be out of balance
Hair Loss is a sign that thyroid harmones may be out of balance

The primary cause of thyroid hair loss is hormone imbalance; that is indeed the cause of thyroid as well. The imbalance of thyroid hormone, in some cases, is also responsible for hair loss or hair fall. If not that, the imbalance of the thyroid hormone can cause the imbalance of steroid hormone and that can lead to hair loss. For instance, there can be imbalance of testosterone hormone or estrogen hormone.

Secondary cause of thyroid hair loss-

Time on Synthroid when people have Hair loss
Time on Synthroid when people have Hair loss

The other cause for thyroid hair loss can be the thyroid medications. If you take certain medications for thyroid, they may be causing hair fall. Synthroid is one of the medications for thyroid that is responsible for hair loss in thyroid patients. There could be other medications responsible for the cause as well.

If you have thyroid and you are consuming one of the medications such as blood thinners, antidepressants, and birth control pills, they affect adversely for hair loss.

Nutritional deficiencies can also cause hair loss. For instance, deficiency in zinc causes hair loss. Chronic stress can also lead to hair loss. Nutritional cause have nothing to do with the thyroid but sometimes people who suffer from thyroid do not face hair loss because of hormonal imbalance but because of nutritional deficiencies

How to cure thyroid hair loss

It is highly recommended to first go and consult a dermatologist and first determine the cause of thyroid hair loss. Do not make you own assumptions and predictions.

If the reason for thyroid hair loss is the primary one that is if it is cause by thyroid hormone imbalance, then you need to consult an endocrinologist or medical doctor. They usually recommend patients to take bioidentical hormones. Taking bioidentical hormones is a temporary relief and would not affect the root cause of the problem. So do not think that this would be enough. The better option is to eat nutritious food as suggested by the doctor. Nutrition can help you curb the problem as they can correct the hormonal imbalance.

If thyroid hair loss is caused because of the medication, again you need to consult your doctor. He or she can tell you if there is an alternative for the medication you are currently taking; and if it is there, he or she will suggest you to take that alternative with some other precautions.

If thyroid hair loss is caused by stress or nutritional deficiency, you will have to enrich your diet with proteins. For instance, you will have to eat egg yolk daily.

So only after determining the cause, you will be able to find a better solution.

Nutritional supplements for Thyroid hair loss

It is better to consult a doctor first and know what nutrition deficiency is causing hair loss in thyroid to you and then take those nutritional supplements after prescription.

  1. Vitamin C
Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in absorbing the zinc; and zinc promotes hair growth. Human body does not produce Vitamin C but it has to be taken through external sources as fruits and vegetables. In a day, you should be consuming 1000 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C. Oranges, Guava, Lemon, Bell Pepper, Broccoli, Papaya, Strawberry, Kiwi Pineapple are some of the rich sources of Vitamin C.

  1. Vitamin E
Best food sources for Vitamin E
Best food sources for Vitamin E

Vitamin E is responsible for building capillaries in the body and also stimulating the blood flow in the scalp that in turns promotes hair growth. Vitamin E stimulates the hair follicles that grow hair. In a day, you should be consuming 400 IU of vitamin E. Vitamin E can also be massaged into the scalp. That would also encourage the blood flow to the scalp.

  1. Amino Acids
Amino Acid Foods
Amino Acid Foods

Hair is made up of protein. Amino Acids are required for building up keratin protein in the hair. With boosting the amount of protein in hair, it is possible to promote hair growth. Amino acid is found in poultry, fish, and legumes.

  1. Evening Promise Oil
Evening Primrose oil
Evening Primrose oil

Evening promise Oil is rich in antioxidants which help in getting rid of the free radicals and thus promoting hair growth. You can either consume evening promise oil directly or massage it on the scalp or both.

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