Your Resolution is Better Thyroid Health, But Where Do You Start?

Issue # 166 January 2, 2014

Welcome to KnowYourThyroid.

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Since this is the start of the year and most of us make resolutions, I am using this week to give you some of the best programs I know of to help with your goals.

On Monday, I told you about a program to help get you started exercising. You can check it out here: Exercise Revolution.

Today, I have a 4 week program that will  get your thyroid back to health and you enjoying life again. You can check it out here: The Natural Thyroid Diet.

Both of these programs are ones I get the most and best feedback about. If you are hypothyroid or suspect you are (we all know the issues with thyroid testing), do yourself a favor and take a look. The changes just might make 2014 the best year ever!