4 Foods to Boost Your Thyroid

Issue # 143 October 14, 2013

Welcome to KnowYourThyroid.

Today, Tom Brimeyer has 4 foods that are good for your thyroid and I will bet one very few people like including myself.



4 Foods to Boost Your Thyroid

One of the foods I’m about to mention you’re surely going to hate.
You’ll see what I mean in a minute…
And before I forget, I also have a few more details about what I have planned for you next week.
You see…
Right now, my favorite time of year is just around the corner. We’re already getting glimpses of cooler weather.
But unfortunately, with the good comes the bad…
That’s right, cold and flu reason are quickly approaching. That means we all need to start preparing and protecting our bodies now, before it’s too late.
The relationship between hypothyroidism and immune deficiency has been observed and documented as far back as the early 1900’s.
Dr. Broda Barnes’ research showed how hypothyroidism makes you much more susceptible upper respiratory infections, especially cold and flu.
And since your thyroid has to work even harder during the fall and winter, thyroid issues tend to become even worse making you even more susceptible.
Trust me, you don’t want to struggle through the holidays being too sick to enjoy them.
And you definitely don’t want work piling up while you’re too sick to even get out of bed.
So, it’s time to start protecting yourself now, before it’s too late…
Before I tell you about that one food you’re going to hate, here are 3 fruits you’ll love that will help give your immune system a nice boost.
They are rich in nutrients that not only help your thyroid, but boost your immune system as well.
1. Papaya
2. Kiwi Fruit
3. Mango
Mango Disclaimer: Mango can be allergenic for some. If you are allergic to poison oak or ivy, then you should avoid mango as it comes from the same family and contains small amounts of the Urushiol oil in the skin of the fruit.
The one food that is absolutely the best for your immune system is the one that you’re probably not going to like.
If you do like it, then great.
In my family we eat this at least once a week and our kids absolutely love it.
4. High quality fresh liver.
It’s literally overflowing with nutrients that will fortify your immune system like few things can.
But I understand that you might not be running out the door to pick up some liver for dinner.
Although, I do have a recipe that makes it taste rather good. I’ll have to share that with you sometime.
Even though the tropical immune boosting fruits are just about at the end of their season, you should still be able to find some around. But they won’t be around for long.
In any case, don’t worry because I’ve got something new and exciting to share with you…
I’ve been working on a new Cold and Flu Season Survival Guide for you.
And there’s something else I’m going to give you to really help protect you from the cold and flu this year.
But I’ve decided to keep that as a surprise.
Early next week I’ll be sending you the details.
Talk soon,
Tom Brimeyer

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