Issue # 142 October 11, 2013

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Today, Tom Brimeyer is going to explain why taking thyroid hormone is not always the answer to your thyroid disfunction.




One Good Reason NOT to Use Thyroid Hormone


This is something important you need to take into consideration…
Last week I was talking with a good friend of mine.
She’s seen some extremely dramatic improvements herself using the techniques that I teach.
And she’s always trying to pay it forward by helping others in need too.
That’s something we should all strive to do more often.
But, she brought up a very good question that I wanted to share with you…
We’re all led to believe that if you are hypothyroid, then it’s always best to supplement thyroid hormone, or thyroid medication.
But the truth is that there are instances where this is not the best thing to do.
One such instance isn’t necessarily common, but I see it enough that it warrants attention.
So, this may not directly apply to you, but it’s important to know nonetheless in the event you may ever pay it forward like my friend.
With that being said…
She was asking my advice with respect to a family member of hers, who was dealing with some post partum thyroid issues.
That alone is far more common than anyone cares to discuss but we’ll make some time to talk about that later.
When she mentioned her cholesterol levels, the conversation came to screeching halt.
The connection between hypothyroidism and elevated cholesterol has been well known and established since 1936.
In most cases, when you become hypothyroid, your cholesterol rises.
This is because thyroid hormone is needed for your body to convert cholesterol into your essential hormones that keep you looking and feeling young.
But in this particular case, her cholesterol wasn’t high.
In fact it was quite low…
When cholesterol is low, taking thyroid hormone won’t provide much help.
This is actually one reason why some people don’t respond to thyroid hormone or thyroid medication at all.
Similarly to low thyroid, if sufficient cholesterol is not available, then you won’t be able to produce the necessarily hormones to keep you young and healthy.
Either way, lack of thyroid or lack of cholesterol, they both drive the inflammatory process that we’re working hard to stop.
Of course this also is something that is important to consider if you are using cholesterol lowering medications.
They are dangerous for this same reason.
I find it odd that doctors always talk about the dangers of high cholesterol, yet they never talk about the more serious dangers of low cholesterol.
It’s actually kind of scary.
Next, I’ll tell you what else happens when cholesterol is too low.
Talk soon,
Tom Brimeyer

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