Issue # 140  October 3, 2013

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Today, I have the last of a series by Tom Brimeyer, who reminds us we have to be patient with our thyroids. I will let Tom explain.

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 Don’t Give Up on Your Thyroid!

Today I want to touch on a very important topic that you might not quite understand the importance of right now.
But first…
Let me ask you a question…
When you first learned to ride a bike, did you ever feel uneasy or lose control?
Of course you did…
Anytime we learn something new, it feels awkward at first.
But after some experimentation and practice, riding a bike quickly becomes second nature.
So, when working on your health, why are some people so eager to quit before they ever really get started?
I got an email from a new client a few weeks ago, who was frustrated and ready to give up.
After a few back and forth emails, she sent me a list of everything that she had been working on since our first consult.
Her response was a little disheartening to me.
Even though we mapped out a number of action items she was to be focusing on…
…She had only just started the first one.
The reality is that she was ready to quit but she hadn’t even started doing what she needed to do.
When working with clients, we almost always have to do some degree of experimenting and fine-tuning.
It requires some work.
It requires some time to learn your body’s exact needs and to fine-tune your diet correctly.
It requires some effort to learn how much thyroid hormone your body needs and when it needs it most.
It requires some patience to correct the various negative hormone feedback cycles necessary to liberate your thyroid.
There’s no way around it.
Learning how to overcome hypothyroidism is only half the battle.
The other half is being willing to do what it takes to make it happen.
But the easiest way to fail is to never even get started in the first place.
With this client in particular, we had to slow things down a bit and take a much slower approach.
So, we prioritized and focused on what I believed were the biggest issues that needed to be addressed first.
Slowly but surely, things started to turn around for her just as we had originally discussed.
She just needed to change her mindset a little and be patient.
It’s like putting together a puzzle…
The pieces don’t just fall into place.
You have to figure out how all of the pieces go together, which isn’t always easy.
But with every puzzle piece you connect, the easier it becomes.
So, if you ever feel frustrated or like giving up, then sometimes it’s best to just slow down and refocus your goals.
But make sure you continue moving forward.
This isn’t a race to the finish line.
This is about finishing the race.
Talk soon,
Tom Brimeyer
Have you ever heard the story of John Stephen Akhwari?
He represented Tanzania in the marathon at the 1968 Summer Olympics, but fell and badly injured himself during the race.
While most would have given up, he hobbled on the best he could until he finally crossed the finish line to the sounds of the cheering crowd.
When asked why he continued running, he said, “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race; they sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.”

Here’s the link to Tom’s program: The Hypothyroidism Revolution