My Thyroid TSH is Almost 16. What is My Best Treatment?

Issue # 94 April 25, 2013
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Since I seem to be on a weight loss and diet theme this week, I found two lists of food: one that will help your thyroid and one that will hurt your thyroid. Both lists are short and by no means complete, but if you have hypothyroidism or suspect you do, cutting out or adding certain foods will help improve thyroid function.
Duncan Capicchiano, ND is providing the list of foods. He made the list for a client of his that had a TSH of almost 16. I hope this will help.
Also, in today’s Check It Out! be sure to take a look at Duncan’s program for improving thyroid health.
My Thyroid TSH is almost 16. What is My Best Treatment?
By Duncan Capicchiano
Great questions! There is no short answer to your treatment because there are many variables to consider… most importantly YOU! Because we are all individuals, everyone needs some form of individualized treatment in order to get the best possible healing; in particular treating YOUR cause.

Having said that, here is a list of the main foods to avoid and increase in hypothyroidism.

Foods/liquids to avoid:

* Goitrogens (aka isothiocynates) – Turnips, mustard, cassava root, soybean, peanuts, pine nuts, millet, Brassica family.

* Brassica Family: Cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, bok choy, etc.

* Linseed (aka flaxseeds)

* Soy milk excess – though Tempeh, Miso are OK in moderation

* Dairy: except unsalted, organic butter.

* Avoid – Coffee, Smoking, Tap water (use only filtered)

* Avoid excess saturated fats (e.g. red meat, pastries, chocolate)

* Fenugreek seeds – Found in curries, and spice mixes



* Keep to a MINIMUM – Flour & Gluten containing products. Avoid if you have Hashimoto’s disease.

Foods/liquids to increase:

* Zinc: Fish, seafood, oysters, oatmeal, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, almonds, muesli, dhal, wheat germ, tomato sauce and paste

* Selenium: Brazil nuts, poultry, wholegrains, fish, seafood, molasses, cashews, eggs, organic onion

* Copper: Tomato paste, chestnuts, almonds, cashews, olives, shellfish and oysters

* Tyrosine: Fish, almonds, eggs, and chicken

* Iodine: Kelp, iodised salt (70mcg I/gm salt. Normal sea salt has little Iodine), sea vegetables: dulse, arame, hijiki, nori, wakame, kombu, clams, lobsters, oysters, sardines, sunflower seeds

The list for both can be more extensive depending on how far you want to take it, but these definitely contain the crux of the “best to know” foods. — In the following book you will find more information on foods and diet for hypothyroidism:
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Considering that your TSH is 16, I would also strongly advise that you take herbal medicines as part of your treatment plan as well. From my experience a diet on its own is never enough boost thyroid function. Diet is crucial, and lays the foundations of healing, but you need the two together for real change.

I would suggest Ashwagandha (aka Withania) and Bacopa (aka Brahmi), these have both been scientifically validated to boost thyroid function. These are pretty safe to take nonetheless it is always best to have some form of supervision.

And yes all three can be a side-effect of having an underactive thyroid – dandruff, itching scalp, and swelling of the ankles.

I hope this helps, and I wish you much health Celine.

Best regards,

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