Thyroid Disease: My Confessions

Issue # 86 March 28, 2013
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Today, Lianda Ludwig is going to share her journey with thyroid disease. This is a story many of us can relate to.
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Thyroid Disease: Confessions of a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Patient

by Lianda Ludwig, M.S.
When I was young, I was an average weight. But at some point, the movie stars, and models became really skinny. Twiggy was probably the first. Being a size 10 or a medium, somehow seemed inadequate, and I decided to go on a diet. At 126 pounds and 5’6″, there’s not a lot to lose! But the one thing I had was discipline. So I starved myself. And I lost a couple of pounds.
But slowly, the weight came back. I was eating the same way that had kept me at the 126 pounds without gaining weight; but I crept past that point, and gained an additional 2 pounds. Year after year, I’d go back on another diet that promised to help me lose the weight. But the thing I never noticed is that the diets said I’d lose weight, but never told me that the hard part is keeping it off.
When a “professional” tells you how to do something, and it doesn’t work, many people end up blaming themselves. That’s how it was for me. I was frustrated, gaining weight each time. My doctor kept telling me “eat less, exercise more is the only way to lose weight”, “there was nothing the matter with me”… but it didn’t work for me.
I was angry at my body, and thinking something was wrong with it. You see, I didn’t realize that my MIND was affecting my body, and that I didn’t have a body, I WAS my body. My self-hatred had created a mindset that changed my physiology. Following my emotions and my thoughts, my body started attacking itself. I developed an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My body was destroying it’s own thyroid gland. And I also developed allergies and food sensitivities to lots of food.
Mind/Body Medicine
Many people believe that illness and disease are just things that happen to us. But the American Institute of Stress estimates that over 90% of doctors visits are the result of stress. I was stressed, and I believe that hating my body caused my disease. Now this is not to say that I deliberately caused my illness, but I learned that my thoughts and feelings were responsible in great measure. And the continued focus on the things I resisted (my weight) persisted, shows how the Law Of Attraction can work in the negative sense, and bring about the thing I didn’t want!
If you wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare with your heart pounding, or watch a scary movie and get frightened, your body is reacting to your thoughts and feelings, whether real or imagined. It’s the same way that your body reacts from your inner mindset. My road to recovery came when I realized that I could only “heal” when I started accepting, and appreciating my intelligent, and yes, beautiful body. I had to nurture myself with food, and positive feelings. Once my body felt safe, and no longer felt attacked, the stress reaction calmed down, and my health began to improve.
It’s been estimated, that most people who have hypothyroid symptoms have undiagnosed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Energetically, your thyroid gland is located at the same point as your Throat Chakra. Many women, who are the most common sufferers, also have trouble speaking out and sharing their anger. Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, and spiritually focused healers see the relationship between not speaking your truths, your throat chakra, and hypothyroid symptoms.
Chronic under-eating also has the effect of bringing about symptoms of hypothyroidism. Cold hands and feet, brittle nails, hair loss, low body temperatures, poor digestion, constipation, low energy, brain fog, and a host of other symptoms are common. Even worse, Dr. Broda Barnes, one of the first, and most prominent specialists who studied hypothyroidism noted the correlation between untreated thyroid disease and heart disease.
Nowadays, most allopathically trained physicians rely only on blood tests, rather than relying on the patient’s symptoms to treat thyroid. And doctors follow the advice of Drug Detail Reps, who want you to use synthetic replacement thyroid medication, where they can make a profit. Synthroid, their recommendation, has had less than great results for most people who suffer from thyroid disease.
What I learned was that I needed to educate myself, both about the Mind/Body connection to Hashimoto’s disease, as well as the treatment route that allopathic doctors follow. I needed to see only doctors who see me, and not a blood test. I had to search to find the right doctor who would treat my symptoms, although my blood results didn’t fit into the “standard” levels.
I’ve corrected and changed my negative mindset, both consciously, and subconsciously. I speak my truths, and have felt empowered by expressing myself. The combination has made all the difference, and I am on my path to full recovery.
Consider how your illness began. What was the stressful event that precipitated your symptoms? You can get better, but you must deal with the cause, not just the symptoms. Mindset Transformation is the first and most important step to overcoming Hypothyroid. Love, appreciate and nurture your body, focus on positive thoughts and emotions, and speak your truths. Then, watch your health, your emotions and your thyroid symptoms improve!
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