Issue # 69 January 28, 2013
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Today, Katharine Moore is going to explain her experience with thyroid problems and how she overcame them to regain her health.
Thyroid Problems: Is There A Cure?
By Katharine Moore
I first developed a problem with my thyroid in 2007 after having my daughter. I believe this was partially due to having sepsis during labour, which altered my entire endocrine system. Having had such an awful experience at the hands of the doctors, I did not want to take their advice on the list of medications they wanted me to take, including Clomid, HRT and Thyroxine.
As I was already educated in alternative therapies through my career as a therapist, I began to research how to treat my symptoms with natural remedies.  To increase my AMH levels and oestrogen, I began taking DHEA, Sage, Agnus Castus and Black cohosh.
With regard to rebalancing my thyroid hormones, I started taking Nutri-thyroid supplements. I found these to be very effective, especially when combined with regular exercise.
Another very important issue in the management of my Thyroiditis was diet and nutrition. My diet before I had my daughter was certainly not providing me with the right balance of nutrients and was too high in saturated fat, sugar and calories. After beginning a Clinical Nutrition course, I began to learn that many illnesses and diseases are caused by poor nutrition. Equally, many illnesses can be treated and cured with correct nutrition.
I cut out red meat, processed foods, refined sugars, saturated and trans fats and wheat based foods. My diet now is much healthier, consisting of organic fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fat free yogurts and dried fruit. In total I have lost 3 stone and feel better than I ever have.
Now 5 years on, I have learnt which factors affect thyroid function and the endocrine system in general. For instance, lack of sleep and stress cause my thyroid to be sluggish which results in weight gain. This is also the case if I do not exercise most days.
Exercise is also important for me to help fight early menopause and osteoporosis. After reading about Pilates and it’s benefits as a weight bearing exercise which concentrated on the core muscles of the body, I decided to a course. I am now offering Pilates one to one sessions to my clients, as well as nutrition and complimentary therapies.
I strongly believe that to achieve and maintain health, we all have to be mindful of what we do with our bodies (i.e. the amount of exercise, diet, prescribed medicines, chemicals in our environment and lifestyle choices, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, that we do), what we do with our minds (in particular how thinking negatively can impact negatively on our bodies), and what we do will our soul (whether we strive to keep on evolving spiritually or choose to have a closed mind).
There is never a quick fix to any health condition. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work on the part of the patient to listen to what their body is telling them and respond appropriately, preferably using alternative, natural remedies, rather than pharmaceutical drugs which can cause more problems.
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Katharine Moore recommends that clients suffering from health problems, such as Thyroiditis, have a 6 week course of nutritional consultation and Pilates sessions. Additionally she suggests that clients have the food intolerance test, as food allergies and intolerances can be responsible for certain ailments.