Issue # 36 October 4, 2012
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Today, Louise O’Connor explains why diets don’t work with hypothyroidism and what you can do to help your metabolism and your thyroid.


 A Scientific Explanation as to WHY Fad Diets Don’t Work When You Have A Thyroid Problem
By Louise O’Connor
A well-functioning thyroid keeps your metabolism humming. That’s because the thyroid hormones act like a throttle, boosting your body’s ability to burn calories. However when your thyroid is underactive your metabolism slows to a crawl and you burn far less calories. The result? It becomes next to impossible to lose weight when you have a sluggish thyroid.
Do you have an underactive thyroid and are worried about ongoing weight gain? Fad diets and cutting calories simply won’t work when you thyroid is out of sync. There is a scientific explanation as to WHY.You see the thing is, when you cut calories you switch off an enzyme with the complex name of 5″-monodeiodinase. This enzyme plays a critical role in initiating the conversion of thyroxine (T4), one of your key thyroid hormones through to the more potent thyroid hormone called triiodothyronine  or T3 for short. The body inhibits this enzyme as a way to conserve fuel during periods of starvation. These days, it’s a natural, in-built response to dieting.  A drop in T3 slows your metabolic rate which blocks fat burning. Your metabolism then becomes even slower and calories are stored, not utilised for much needed energy.
What’s the secret to losing weight when you have an underactive thyroid? Many people are discovering that an alkaline-forming, natural whole food diet is helping them achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss. Not only that they are finding a thyroid nourishing diet is a crucial step to recovering thyroid health.
Louise O’Connor is a registered Australian Naturopath who writes and educates on natural thyroid health. Her top selling e-book The Natural Thyroid Diet reveals the secrets to help you finally recover your thyroid health in a just a few short weeks.

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