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I hope your day is going well. Today, we are back on the subject of diet. I know we cover this subject a lot, but it is very important to your health. Your thyroid thanks you.
Magdalena Wszelaki is going to cover information about thyroid nutrition and food intolerances.

Are You Paying to Get Fat? What You Need to Know About Thyroid Nutrition and Food Intolerance

By Magdalena Wszelaki

70% of people who do restrictive diets put these pounds back on, and 50% of them put on even more before they started. Are you kidding me? No.

Are YOU paying to get fatter?

There are major deal breakers that will sabotage your weight; addressing them is critical in weight management. You can starve yourself to 500 calories/day and still have a fatty belly. Here are 3 hurdles as well as a glimpse at some quick solutions.

Food Intolerances

Have you noticed the gluten-free frenzy all around? Even Subway now is going gluten-free. This shows you that many people are making the connection between food and health: specific food and specific symptoms. One of them is weight.

What is it?

It is believed 70% of the American population has some form of food intolerance. It means our body is not agreeing with some food (even if it’s best quality) and sees it as toxic. Common culprits are: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, fructose, nuts and nightshade vegetables.

How do I know I have it?

Food allergies are simple: you eat a nut and you get teary eyes in five minutes. Food intolerances act up only 30 min to 3 days (yes, true) and their symptoms vary vastly from weight yo-yos, stubborn pounds, acne, eczema, migraines, sinus, feeling tired and sleepy after meals, etc.

You can get a blood IgG test done but often times they are inaccurate. It’s best to do an elimination diet and nail down all the culprits.

Last tip here: the more you crave that food, for example bread, the more likely you are to being intolerant. Good news though: there is good life after gluten

Can I reverse it?

Not really. But eliminating the culprit, you will feel heavens better and lose these stubborn pounds (among other benefits).

Implementing a prescribed diet for just a month can help most people nail down all their food issues.


Ah! If we all could only wear the same shoe size… Not going to happen. Same as with diets.

Diets authors assume we all like, digest and respond to food the same way. They call on scientists to create convincing scientific “evidence” to support the diet which makes us feel kinda “basic” (for not understanding all that jargon) or we just Do.Not.Know. So we fall for it as the next ray of hope. Do diets work: NO. 70% of people go back to their original weight and 50% of them put on even more weight.

It’s like paying to get fatter.

What is bio-individuality?

Raw food? Some people feel sick and bloated when they eat raw. Meat? Some need it to function well. Dairy? Many people can live well without it but some do better on it. Oil is bad? Some are and some are super helpful in losing weight (coconut butter being one, even though it’s saturated) for some people.

Not one size fits all, one person’s food is another’s poison. Work with a health coach to help you develop a plan that:

· agrees with you taste buds, ethnic background and your digesting type

· gets you off insulin resistance, candida and/or food intolerances

· points you to someone to check out your thyroid health

· educates you what is true and total BS in the food and health marketing arena.

Address those and the pounds will melt away.

Do it only if you can do it forever

If you don’t see your current diet as something you will eat forever, forget it. Pick a way to eat that is right for your temperament, taste buds, body type (we are all bio-individually different from each other, one person’s food is another’s poison) and makes you fulfilled. It’s OK to have the occasional pizza or burger but be clear what will the 90% of your daily food be like. Lastly, please not expect food alone to do it; having a solid movement plan (sports, dance, tai chi, yoga etc) and a spiritual practice (even if it means to close your eyes and breathe for 10min, great!) will be critical is keeping a healthy, happy weight.

What do I do?


1. Find a way to eat that is right for you, gets you excited when food shopping and feels like you can do it forever. If you don’t know how to start, consult a health/nutrition coach.

2. Create a realistic movement plan that’s based on what gives you joy (not have/should do) and motivates you; pick an event to train towards, a group to join, etc

3. Start a simple 10-min breathing exercise with your eyes closed by setting the intention for the day. Yes, that simple.

Learn how your emotions, common thyroid problems in women, sugar or candida and poor thyroid nutrition are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Don’t pay to get fat. Read about the other critical weight loss breakers and the effects of poor thyroid nutrition.

Magdalena Wszelaki, a certified nutrition coach and a thyroid wellness expert, is the founder of Thyroid Diet Coach, a nutrition coaching practice dedicated to alleviating and healing thyroid conditions. Magdalena herself is no stranger to thyroid issues; she had suffered from Graves’ (hyperthyroidism) and later Hashimoto’s Disease (hypothyroidism) for over 10 years. In spite of being told by western medicine practitioners that there was no cure for thyroid and autoimmune diseases, she managed to reverse her condition and today enjoys better health than ever before. Her website is

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