Issue #12 July 12, 2012
Welcome to today’s issue of Know Your Thyroid.
I am extremely happy to let you know that today’s essay is from Lousie O’Connor.
Louise is a Naturopath & Wellness Coach. She has become known as “the natural thyroid expert”.
Could It Be Your Thyroid?
A healthy thyroid gland produces two key hormones; thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Production of these thyroid hormones is controlled by a small gland in the brain called the pituitary. This gland produces the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) to ensure the thyroid releases just the right amount of T4 and T3 into the bloodstream.

T4 and T3 regulate your metabolism to control the rate at which your body functions. Did you know a healthy thyroid is crucial to overall health? An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism as it is termed, results in inadequate production of vital thyroid hormones. When these hormones are lacking the body uses energy more slowly and your metabolic rate slows down. Over time hypothyroidism can impact on whole body health.  

Hypothyroid Symptoms You Need to Know About
Are you finding it impossible to lose weight, even with a healthy diet and exercise? Do you constantly feel tired, moody and even depressed some days? Are you experiencing significant hair loss? These could be the tell-tale signs of a thyroid problem.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism usually develop slowly over time, often over a number of years. The symptoms are subtle in the early stages. However as the condition worsens the warning signs become more obvious. 

Low body temperature and fatigue are the two of the most common symptoms. Take a few moments to look over my hypothyroidism symptoms checklist.  When your thyroid is underactive it’s likely you will suffer from some or all of these symptoms.

  •              You have problems losing weight or gain weight easily    
  •              You constantly feel worn-down, tired or fatigued  
  •              You have memory problems or feel like you have ‘brain fog’  
  •              You are easily irritated and you have mood swings that range from mild to severe  
  •              You feel down-in-the-dumps, even depressed some days  
  •              Your thyroid gland is enlarged causing swelling around your throat  
  •              Your muscles ache or you have pains in your joints 
  •              You are experiencing menstrual problems or fertility issues 
  •              You are sensitive to cold weather or feel cold all the time  
  •              You have a decreased interest in sex  
  •              Your skin is dry and pale and your hair is thin and lacks lustre  
  •              You are experiencing noticeable hair loss  
  •              Your face, hands or feet become swollen and puffy  
  •              You have low blood pressure and heart palpitations  

Why Are Thyroid Issues Becoming More Common?
There is little doubt thyroid problems are becoming increasingly prevalent. Thyroid damaging foods, nutrient deficiencies, toxic food ingredients, environmental chemicals and stress are a recipe for thyroid disaster. Women are more likely than men to develop a thyroid disorder. This can include: hypothyroidism, goitre (enlarged thyroid), thyroid nodules and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Many people are looking to health experts for advice. Credible information is a powerful tool to educate and empower individuals to take action on important health choices. When it comes to thyroid health Louise O’Connor is an expert you can count on. Louise is a leading Australian Naturopath & Wellness Coach. She has become known as ‘the natural thyroid expert’. She knows how you feel and understands your thyroid problem.
For many years Louise had her own private practice where she treated numerous clients suffering from hypothyroidism. Louise’s natural thyroid treatment plan helped them recover their health so they could get their life back on track. So you could say she knows from first-hand clinical experience what it takes to see results, and she is now sharing these valuable secrets with you. It really is possible to start recovering your thyroid health in just a few short weeks!

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