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Gout: Current Treatments And How to Avoid It

Treating Gout And How to Avoid It

Gout is a very painful and can show up in your life at the most unexpected times. In this story, the patient developed the problem after having thyroid surgery several years ago. This aliment has been called the “King’s disease.” According to Dr. Jenna King, “gout comes from eating a lot of red meat, a…

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Does Adrenal Stress Equal Thyroid Problems

Adrenal stress

Adrenal stress is a term we hear a lot but what exactly is it and how does it affect our thyroids? Stress is one of the biggest influences on your adrenal glands, and the health of your adrenal glands directly impacts the health of your thyroid gland. Things like long commutes, too little sleep, financial hardships…

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